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24/02/2024 Human Rights Council

55th Session of the Human Rights Council: Dates & Events

Events in greyº are TBC

26 FEBºHigh-Level Segment
 Visit from and statement of Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran (TBC, has been announced by the Mission but might still change)*  
4 MARGlobal update from High Commissioner Volker Türk
 We expect a mention of the situation in Iran by the High Commissioner.  
4-5 MARGeneral debate under item 2
 Member states will react to the High Commissioner’s statement – a few states should mention the situation in Iran in their oral statements.  
4-8 MARºPublication of the main report of the FFMI
 Will include its findings, conclusions and recommendations.  
MARºInformal Negotiations
 Series of informal negotiations of the draft resolution announced by the Core Group (Iceland, Germany, Moldova, North Macedonia), proposing the renewal of the mandates of the SR and of the FFM for one more year.  
6 MARInteractive Dialogue with SR on freedom of association and assembly, Clément Voule
 For his last report as SR on freedom of association and assembly, Clément Nyaletsossi Voule will present a “Model protocol for law enforcement officials to promote and protect human rights in the context of peaceful protests”, which obviously will contrast with the practice of law enforcement in Iran –> an opportunity for states to mention the repression of protests in Iran and also a potential communication opportunity for us.  
14 MARSide event: ECPM & Iran Human Rights
 Presentation of ECPM & Iran Human Rights’ joint report on the death penalty.  
15 MARºPresentation of report / Interactive Dialogue with SR on Iran, Javaid Rehman
 Presentation of the last report of the SR on Iran, followed by a last interactive dialogue of Javaid Rehman with the HRC.  
15 OR 18 MAR (TBC)ºPublication of the Conference Room Paper of the FFMI
 Conference Room Paper includes detailed activities, detailed findings and legal reasoning leading to the conclusions and recommendations contained in the main report of the FFMI).  
15 AND/OR 18 MAR (TBC)ºPresentation of report / Interactive Dialogue with the FFM on Iran
 The ID should include: statements from states in reaction to the report, including a possible (and unprecedented) joint statement under item 4. statements from NGOs in ECOSOC status, including a possible joint statement from Impact Iran members.
18 MARSide event: KMMK-G & Minority Rights Group
 Side event on minorities, women and accountability.  
19 MARSide event: IHRDC
 Panelists will include a human rights victim (blinded by protest police) + Alexa Koenig (Director of Berkeley HR program).  
20 MARGeneral Debate under item 4
   Item 4: situations deserving the attention of the Council. Might include possible statements from states and from NGOs on the situation of human rights in Iran.  
21 MARDeadline for tabling of resolution
 The text of the resolution proposing the renewal of the mandates of the SR and of the FFM will be final.  
3, 4 OR 5 APRºVote on the resolution