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24/11/2022 FFMI, Human Rights Council, Independent International Fact-Finding Mission, Joint Initiatives, Special Session

#SS35: Joint Statement – Iran Human Rights, ECPM & Impact Iran

ECPM, Iran Human Rights, and Impact Iran (a coalition of 16 NGOs including  Abdorrahman Boroumand Center, Article 19, KMM-KG, AHRAZ, All Human Rights for All in Iran, Baluch Campain, Center for supporters of human rights, European Ahwazi Human Rights Organization, ECPM, Human Rights Activists in Iran, IHRNGO, IHRDC, KURDPA, Outright Action International, Rasank, Siamak Pourzand Foundation, United for Iran) are  alarmed by the systematic and grave violation of the right to life by Iranian authorities in the framework of the repression of current protests.

Khodanoor Lejei, a 27-year-old Baluch man, who like many Baluchs was denied national identity documents, was shot on September 30 in Zahedan. Almost 100 others, including several children, like 6-year-old Hasti NAROUYI and 14-year-old Samer HashemZehi, were killed by security forces in Zahedan that day.  These are just a few of at least 416 people, including women and 51 children, killed since Iranian citizens took to the streets for their fundamental human rights denied by the Islamic Republic. 

Iran remains one of the top executioners in the world. More than 480 have already been executed, in 2022. Iran’s use of the death penalty systematically and gravely violates the right to life as enshrined in article 6 of the ICCPR. Since the beginning of the protests, thousands have been arrested- many facing charges punishable by death, after sham trials by the Revolutionary Courts without due process.There is a risk of mass-execution of protesters. Authorities, including the current President, have a history of committing serious and grave human rights violations. The UN has a responsibility to prevent such crimes from happening again and should establish an investigative mechanism to address impunity.