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    According to Hrana's Death Penalty Report, Iran executed 1 prisoner in every 36 hours during the last year. #DeathPenalty #Executions #Iran #HumanRights #UNGA2018 @UNHumanRights @HRANA_English

    بازداشت شدگان روز جهانی مبارزه با شکنجه به پرداخت جریمه نقدی محکوم شدند.
    ۶ تیر ۹۲ ماموران امنیتی ۳۶ نفر از فعالان آذربایجانی برای شرکت در مراسم بزرگداشت «روز جهانی مبارزه با شکنجه» در ارومیه بازداشت و آنها را مورد ضرب و شتم قرار داده بودند. Urgent: Kurdish Political Prisoners in Imminent Danger of Execution via @iranhr Immediate International reaction can save then @erna_solberg @Utenriksdept @FedericaMog @foreignoffice @CNNIranDesk @sebusher @SaeedKD

    Imprisoned Kurdish political activist Ramin Hüseyin Penahi's parents call on the international community: We beg you, please help us to stop our son's execution! #Iran #RaminHosseinPanahi #HumanRights #execution #deathpenalty @UNHumanRights @UN @UN_HRC

    Chini Akharkhoub to be flogged 50 times for celebrating independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan

    #RajaeiShahr Prison authorities refusing to transfer ailing political activist #SaeedShirzad to hospital, despite judicial approval

    Another #juvenile_offender is scheduled for #execution. IHR urges the #Iranian authorities to stop #juvenile_executions and calls on the international community to pay urgent attention to #MehdiKhazaeian's case. #SaveMehdi
    More on IHR website:

    URGENT - IRAN: 19-year-old teenager Abolfazl Chezani has been transferred to solitary confinement & is scheduled for execution WEDNESDAY MORNING. He was just 14 years old when arrested & his execution is prohibited under international law #SaveAbolfazl

    #Iran : Mohammad Salas, the Gonabadi dervish who was arrested and sentenced to death after the protests of the Gonabadi dervishes in February 2018, was hanged at Rajai Shahr Prison on June 18. #HumanRights #Execution @UN_HRC #deathpenalty @UNHumanRights

    #Iran : Six prisoners were executed at Rajai Shahr Prison, on June 18. #HumanRightsViolations #Execution #deathpenalty @UNHumanRights @UN #UN

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    UN Voices Concern Over Iran’s Human Rights Record

    The United Nations General Assembly voiced concern over the Islamic Republic of Iran’s human rights record once again this week, voting to adopt a resolution presented every year condemning a range of human rights violations in the country. This is the fifteenth year in a row that the UN General Assembly, ...