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    #HRC40 adopts RES on situation of #HumanRights in #Iran. Which will renew the mandate of Special Rapporteur and express the international community’s concern for the human rights situation in Iran #Iranvote 22; YES 7; NO, 28 ABS

    More details have been revealed pertaining to the verdict of prominent #humanrights lawyer, #NasrinSotoudeh. #Iran @UNHumanRights

    42 #Iranian and international NGOs have signed a joint letter calling on #HRC member states to support the #resolution renewing the mandate of the #SpecialRapporteur on human rights in #Iran.

    Prominent human rights lawyer, #NasrinSotoudeh, has been sentenced between 7 to 33 years in prison and 148 lashes on charges of espionage. UN Experts are concerned Ms. Sotoudeh did not receive a fair trial. #Iran #humanrights @UNHumanRights

    Nasrin Sotoudeh discusses the personal impact of her struggle for equality and justice. She tells of a young son who lost his childhood: “I grew up all of a sudden,” he told her.

    دیروز در کنار دکتر جاوید رحمان و دکتر رویا برومند در یک نشست جانبی در شورای حقوق بشر سازمان ملل در ژنو صحبت کردم. موضوع نشست حقوق کودک تحت قوانین ایران بود. دکتر شیرین عبادی نیز برای این نشست جانبی پیامی ویدئویی فرستاده بود.

    Yesterday @IHRDC held its first ever parallel event at the Human Rights Council. Focusing on children’s rights, the event featured UNSR Dr. Javaid Rehman, Dr. @RoyaBoroumand and @shahinmilani81, with a video message from Dr. Shirin Ebadi. @NedaShahidy moderated the discussion.

    روز گذشته مرکز اسناد حقوق بشر ایران اولین نشست جانبی خود در شورای حقوق بشر را برگزار کرد. موضوع این نشست حقوق کودک در ایران بود. دکتر جاوید رحمان، گزارشگر ویژه سازمان ملل، دکتر رویا برومند و شاهین میلانی در این نشست حضور داشتند. همچنین پیامی ویدئویی از دکتر شیرین عبادی نیز پخش شد

    On Tuesday, join our co-founder @RoyaBoroumand, Special Rapporteur @JavaidRehman, @shahinmilani81 of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center @IHRDC, and Nobel Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi for a special session on the rights of the child under Iranian law.

    Dr. @RoyaBoroumand at @HRC40 side event organized by @IHRDC states: The current laws in #Iran regarding min age of criminal responsibility have no roots in our traditions. #childrights #juvenile-executions

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    UN Voices Concern Over Iran’s Human Rights Record

    The United Nations General Assembly voiced concern over the Islamic Republic of Iran’s human rights record once again this week, voting to adopt a resolution presented every year condemning a range of human rights violations in the country. This is the fifteenth year in a row that the UN General Assembly, ...