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    [email protected]_un , Costa Rica and 50 states from all regions expressed deep concern at the intentional use of lethal force against protesters, arbitrary arrests and detentions, and Internet shutdown in repression of protests. #HRC43 #Iran

    "The poor prison conditions in Fashafoyeh and other prisons has led Bahman Taherkhani, a member of parliament, to state on the parliament’s website that many prisons do not meet even the most basic international standards... radical changes are needed."

    NEW: We’re joining forces to demand that human rights violators who record and broadcast forced confessions be held accountable.

    Forced confessions are often obtained via torture & used to justify ill treatment and the death penalty. @Justice4Iran

    Videos, photos and witness testimony reveal Iranian security forces used unwarranted force against peaceful protesters

    We are deeply saddened by the death of the178 victims of the #IranPlaneCrash.We extend our deepest condolences to the families & call for accountability and justice. Simultaneously, we advocate for those detained in the #IranProtests & call on UN to continue to advocate for them.

    از کشته‌شدن شهروندان ایران و چند کشور دیگر،در پی بروز سانحه سقوط هواپیمای اوکراینی بشدت غمگین هستیم.به یادخانواده‌های قربانیان هستیم و برایشان آرزوی صبر و آرامش داریم.در ضمن فراموش نکنیم که هنوز تعداد زیادی از بازداشت‌شدگان اعتراضات #آبان۹۸ در زندان هستندو سرنوشت‌شان نامعلوم است.

    #UNGA74 resolution on #HumanRights in #Iran passes with 81 votes in favor, demonstrating that the international community is still concerned with the situation of human rights in Iran #UNGA74 #IranProtests


    #Iran notes that no one should take the advice of countries like #US and #Israel and other backers of this resolution when they are violators of #humanrights themselves. #humanrightsiran #UNGA74 #IranProtests

    After the arrest of 7000 protestors and death of at least 308 individuals, #Iran highlights human rights violations of #Canada and cosponsors of the #Iran #UNGA resolution. Blames sanctions for atrocities committed against protestors.

    In their general statements prior to votes on country-specific resolutions #Russia stated that they oppose this block of resolutions. They will vote against the resolutions on #Iran, #Myanmar and #Syria.

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    UN Voices Concern Over Iran’s Human Rights Record

    The United Nations General Assembly voiced concern over the Islamic Republic of Iran’s human rights record once again this week, voting to adopt a resolution presented every year condemning a range of human rights violations in the country. This is the fifteenth year in a row that the UN General Assembly, ...