10/02/2014 Coalition Members

European Ahwazi Human Rights Organisation

European Ahwazi Human Rights Organisation (EAHRO) is an independent organization dedicated to defending and protecting human rights in Ahwaz and Europe.

  • It is a response to the mistreating of Ahwazi Arabs citizens through ethnic cleansing, apartheid policies and human rights violations by Iran.
  • Regardless of all the risks and difficulty faced by EAHRO, we continue to monitor the violations of Human Rights and the torture faced by the Ahwazi people.
  • We continue to report these violations and criminal acts and announce them to the public and concerned international bodies.
  • EAHRO defends peace under any circumstances and argues that problems can be resolved through peaceful measures.
  • EAHRO refuses any sorts of violence no matter what the source may be.
  • EAHRO upholds the principle that the human rights are universal in nature and indivisible.
  • EAHRO is a non-governmental and voluntary organization.
  • EAHRO Stands up for the oppressed individual, people, nations, sexes and classes.
  • EAHRO is against torture and the death penalty and defends the right to fair trial in any circumstances.
  • EAHRO’s works are based on humanitarian law.
  • EAHRO defends unconditionally and without any restriction the right to freedom of expression and the right to freedom of religion.


(all times in EST)

03 07 22
  • International Day of Cooperatives (A/RES/47/90)

    03 07 22

08 07 22
  • Human Rights Council - Conclusion of 50th Session

    08 07 22

11 07 22
  • World Population Day (A/RES/45/216)

    11 07 22

30 07 22
  • International Day of Friendship (A/RES/65/275)

    30 07 22

  • World Day against Trafficking in Persons (A/RES/68/192)

    30 07 22