UNGA 72: Facts on Human Rights in Iran (Infographic)

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The sustained attention of United Nations has provided opportunities for human rights improvement in Iran, but the situation in the country remains dire. Iran remains the world leader in executions per capita. Capital offense trials consistently fail to meet fair trial standards. Some executions are carried out in public. ...

UN Voices Concern Over Iran’s Human Rights Record

The United Nations General Assembly voiced concern over the Islamic Republic of Iran’s human rights record once again this week, voting to adopt a resolution presented every year condemning a range of human rights violations in the country. This is the fifteenth year in a row that the UN General Assembly, ...

UPR 2nd Cycle

UPR Follow-up Report on Implementation

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The UPR is a human rights mechanism uniquely favored by many member states, including the Islamic Republic of Iran. Indeed, Iran has stated that the UPR is the “most pertinent, effective and trustful UN mechanism for the review of human rights situation of all States.” Iran’s approach to ...